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The Higher Ground Sequoia Center, which is located in our Beaverton clinic, was founded in 2021 to help meet a pressing need for counseling that is focused on helping survivors of abuse - and especially sexual abuse. In addition to this focus, the Sequoia Center also provides help for kids that are expressing reactive or problematic sexual behaviors, to the level that they are causing problems at school and/or at home. The goal is to provide early intervention so that these problematic behaviors do not develop into more significant issues later on that could result in others being hurt or in legal involvement. Finally the Sequoia Center specializes in helping to treat sibling or intrafamilial abuse. We have intentionally set up our Beaverton clinic so that the Sequoia Center has its own waiting room and side of the clinic which does not come into contact with our older adolescent clients. This allows the Sequoia Center to be separate but connected to other areas of Higher Ground so that all parts of the family - the older sibling, the younger sibling(s) and the parents/family resources - can get the specialized help that they each need by counselors who specialize in each area of abuse treatment.


The Sequoia Center is a place for healing and a safe space for kids and families. We have a big playroom we call “The Nest” with lots of therapeutic toys, games and activities. We utilize trauma specific treatment including art, and play therapy to help children and families recover from the anxiety, stress and other issues that can arise when abuse and trauma take place. Our counselors have years of experience working with survivors of abuse. Amy Hahn, MA, ATR, has overseen the start of the Sequoia Center and has been a specialist and leader in the field of working with survivors of sexual abuse for over 25 years - including many years as the clinical coordinator at the Morrison FSAT (Family sexual abuse treatment) program. Other Higher Ground counselors that specialize in working with survivors of abuse, that see clients out of the Sequoia Center are Genna Naquin, LPC, Crystal Stachera, LMFT, Brittney Reineke, LPC, Zoe Burgher, CSWA, Emily Kuper, MSW.

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