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Billing Operations Manager

As our new Billing Operations Manager, Jessi brings with her over fifteen years experience. Her extensive background in medical administration provides her with a unique perspective on how to ease the burden clients face navigating the complexities of medical billing. 


Jessi looks forward to supporting our team behind the scenes allowing our practice to run as smoothly as possible, while providing our clients with guidance and assistance with any insurance or self pay billing questions or concerns. 




Zoe received her undergraduate degree from Ithaca College and a Master in Social work with a concentration in Children, Youth, and Families from Portland State University. She has been working with youth involved with the juvenile justice and/or child welfare system since 2015, including in residential and outpatient settings. Zoe has extensive experience working with teens with problematic sexual behaviors and is interested in helping youth and their families navigate DHS and OYA system involvement. She is an advocate for empowering youth and their families through a collaborative, client-centered and strengths-based philosophy. Her work is grounded in creating a trauma-informed and non-judgmental environment for all of her clients. Zoe utilizes a humanistic approach to treatment and interventions from a variety of evidence-based practices based on the individual’s personalized needs and goals.

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Kudzai received a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience pre-med from the University of Nevada, Reno, in 2020. She received her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and Wellness from New York University in 2023. She provides individual counseling for anxiety, depression, and various life stressors. Her primary approach to therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) combined with neuroscientific concepts of how the brain works and influences mental health. Kudzai also integrates mindfulness approaches to CBT to promote mental health wellness and a balanced state of being.



Quality Assurance Coordinator

Krista brings to Higher Ground a wealth of experience. With a 17-year background as an Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) community partner supporting families navigating diverse systems, her experience extends to designing and administering systems that enhance program activities, ensure compliance, and drive service delivery improvements.

Krista brings a unique blend of skills, including a background in business operations, executive leadership, and technology management. Her strategic approach and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset as she takes on the responsibility of supporting new programs and projects at Higher Ground Counseling. Krista's dedication to enhancing the quality and efficiency of our services aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide exceptional care and support to our community.



Therapist Intern

Marie earned her undergraduate degree in English with a minor in psychology from George Fox University and is continuing at George Fox while earning her graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (expected May 2024). As a graduate student intern, she is qualified to provide counseling services under the supervision of a university clinical director and a licensed supervisor and counseling professional at Higher Ground. Her current education has prepared her to provide individual and group counseling for children and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, and various life stressors. She receives regular supervision, collaboration, and consultation to provide the best care possible. Her approach to therapy focuses on Client-Centered methods combined with Attachment theory and can often involve expressive interventions through sandtray, art, or play.

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Lead Therapist

Sean received a Bachelor in Science in Psychology from the University of Oregon and completed a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacific University. Sean has worked with at-risk populations since 2011 - including in residential and outpatient settings. He has extensive experience working with court involved youth and families. Sean's other professional experience includes working in the areas of domestic violence treatment and sex abuse treatment. He is trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy and utilizes a client-centered and humanistic approach to treatment. Sean’s professional interests are varied and broad but include engaging with youth to become the best people they can be, human sexuality, healthy relationship building, and individuals with mental illness. Sean currently serves on the Oregon Adolescent Sex Offense Treatment Network (OASOTN) Board.



Lead Therapist

Amy received an undergraduate degree from University of Oregon and a graduate degree in Art Therapy from Marylhurst College.  Since 1988 Amy has worked with children, adolescents and their families in residential, day treatment and outpatient settings.  Amy has worked primarily with children and families impacted by sexual abuse. Amy has many years experience as a clinician but she has also trained and supervised many current therapists who have continue to work in the field of sexual abuse recovery. In addition to seeing clients, Amy serves as a Lead Therapist at Higher Ground Sequoia Center, using her many years of experience to provided supervision and consultation  both inside and outside of Higher Ground.




Juliet received an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Reed College and a Master's in Social Work from Columbia University. She has worked in the field of child abuse and trauma since 2010. Her experience includes working with individuals and families who have experienced child sexual and physical abuse, complex trauma, foster care placement, community violence, and immigration-related violence and trauma. She has extensive experience conducting individual treatment across the age spectrum, from children as young as three to older adults experiencing stressors related to loss and aging. She also works with neurodivergent children and adults to help manage symptoms associated with ADHD and Autism. Juliet utilizes a multi-modal approach to treatment, including play and sand tray therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and provides services in both languages. 




Avecena received a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Knox College and a Master of Arts in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis & Clark College with a certificate in Ecopsychology. She has been working with adolescents who have sexually harmed and their families within a residential treatment setting. Avecena is interested in using a trauma-informed approach to help clients and their families navigate the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. She has experience working with clients who struggle with problematic sexual behaviors, attachment issues, complex trauma, anxiety, depression, and grief. Avecena is passionate about using holistic approaches to help young people tell their story and grow into their full Selves. Stemming from Gestalt, mindfulness, and somatic-based philosophies, her approach works to integrate the mind, body, and spirit into one healthy whole. Avecena is excited to continue serving the community by working with clients who have sexually harmed as well as clients who are survivors of sexual abuse.




Emily received her undergraduate degree from Oregon State University and a Master in Social work from George Fox University. She has previously worked with youth and families in the mental health field, including inpatient and outpatient settings. Emily has experience working with children and families navigating DHS/CPS involvement through volunteer work with CASA. She is passionate about advocating for youth and ensuring their voices are heard. Emily has a client-centered and strengths-based approach with all clients. Her work is grounded in ensuring a trauma-informed environment for all clients with special focus on Attachment and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.




Lyndsee received her undergraduate degree from Georgia College & State University and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from John Carroll University. She has experience providing case management and mental health treatment in residential and outpatient settings. Prior to Higher Ground, she received specialized training in Ohio to work with men and teens with problematic sexual behaviors. She also has experience with trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, and substance use. Lyndsee utilizes a humanistic approach to treatment and believes that every client who experiences genuineness, acceptance, and empathy are best equipped to develop the same attitude towards themselves. Lyndsee also integrates mindfulness, cognitive behavioral, and psychodynamic concepts to promote self-understanding and skill-based living. Lyndsee is passionate about providing a therapeutic environment that meets each client’s unique needs.



Clinical Supervisor

Debbie received her undergraduate degree from University of Oregon in Social Work and Psychology and a graduate degree in Social Work from Portland State University. She has worked in the mental health field for over 20 years. Debbie has worked in a number of settings with young children, teens and adults. Her areas of training include Play therapy, EMDR , Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and more. Her experience includes addressing depression, anxiety, grief/loss and families impacted by sexual abuse. Her focus at Higher Ground will be working with children and families impacted by sexual abuse, supporting the work involved with clarification and reunification. Additionally she will be providing supervision, consultation, and training in this area.



Lead Therapist

Genna received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Louisiana State University and a Masters Degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis and Clark College. At Higher Ground, Genna works with a variety of clients, she is our expert in working with younger children and pre-teens with problematic sexual behaviors. She also has extensive experience working with survivors of abuse. Her approach towards treatment is holistic and relational, and she often draws from Humanistic, Attachment, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Genna’s professional interests include working with children and youth who have experienced trauma, providing treatment and education around building healthy relationships/sexuality, teaching pornography literacy, and working with clients to treat comorbid mental illnesses.



Clinical Director

Keith received an undergraduate degree from Illinois State University and a Master in Social Work from the University of Washington. He has worked in the mental health field since 1995. He has experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities, severe and persistent mental illness, crisis intervention, and residential and outpatient treatment. Keith specializes in working with adults who struggle with anxiety and PTSD and specifically adult survivors of child sexual/physical/emotional abuse. Prior to co-founding Higher Ground, Keith had a contract based private practice in the greater Portland area where he worked with county juvenile departments and the Oregon Youth Authority. At Higher Ground - in addition to seeing clients - Keith serves as the clinical director, supervising masters level therapists and interns. He oversees all clinical aspects of therapy, and he continues to create many of the treatment protocols Higher Ground uses. Keith is increasingly writing and publishing in hopes of helping the larger treatment community. Keith has presented at conferences and workshops in the areas of sex abuse treatment, clarification, relapse prevention/good lives, victim-centered therapy, and using the PROFESOR in clinical practice.



Neurofeedback Technician

Erin earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of Sioux Falls.  Since 1997, Erin has worked in a variety of mental health settings with children and families.  She has primarily worked with at-risk populations to provide safety and structure in the home as well as in the community.  She has been trained in child development, speech / neurological development, and trauma informed care.  She has extensive experience with helping families to navigate the justice system. Erin is also a licensed polygraph examiner and works with both adults and adolescents in the justice system.  She has completed the EEG didactic training for Neurofeedback and is qualified as a Neurofeedback Technician.  Her areas of interest are working with adults and children that struggle with ADHD, anxiety, and depression.



Clinical Supervisor

Brittney earned a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Bushnell University. Brittney’s experience includes working with at-risk youth since 2014. She has experience working in day treatment programs as well as outpatient settings. Her treatment approach entails evidenced-based methods such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral, Trauma-Informed Care and utilizes Client-Centered approaches. Brittney’s areas of professional interest include sexualized behavior treatment, working with survivors of abuse and helping to provide holistic treatment while working to treat comorbid mental illnesses. Brittney is versed in working with children through adults, as well as facilitating group and family therapy, using a systemic approach. Brittney currently serves on the Oregon Adolescent Sex Offense Treatment Network (OASOTN) Board.




Cecilia received an undergraduate and graduate degree from the School of Social Work at Portland State University. Since 2017 she has experience in working with families, children, teens, and adults in residential, outpatient, and proctor homes settings. Cecilia has primarily worked with at-risk individuals with developmental disabilities, sexually abusive and reactive behaviors, attachment disorders, anxiety, and ADHD. Cecilia'a modalities are cognitive/dialectical behavioral, person centered, and trauma informed care. In addition to her specialized skills, Cecilia is bilingual in Spanish and English.




Dan holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Rockford University and a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. He collaborates with his clients to empower them to overcome life's challenges and obstacles, and believes that effective therapy should be a joint effort based on mutual respect and trust. Drawing from a range of therapeutic approaches, including humanistic, existential, cognitive behavioral, and attachment theory, he strives to help clients increase self-awareness and develop strategies to enhance their psychological and emotional well-being. Dan's journey in the field began in 2014 when he started working with at-risk youth and young adults in residential treatment programs. In that capacity, he has over five years of experience in treatment planning and case management.




Crystal received a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from George Fox University and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Multnomah University. She has worked in the mental health field since 2002. At Higher Ground, Crystal works with a variety of clients, including those who are survivors of abuse, experience complex trauma, anxiety, grief, domestic violence, attachment issues, and family communication challenges. Crystal often uses Neurofeedback in treatment and she has been an advocate in the use of Neurofeedback with the clients that Higher Ground serves. Neurofeedback is a simple but powerful tool that helps build a healthy brain and can address a variety of symptoms. Other interventions that she uses include EMDR, Brainspotting, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, all from a strengths-based perspective. Upon request, she is able to integrate Christian spiritual practices with mental health.




Devin received his undergraduate degree from Whitworth University and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from George Fox University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family therapist. Since 2007, Devin has worked with adolescents - spending over a decade in the residential treatment world as a therapist and clinical supervisor.  Prior to co-founding Higher Ground, Devin operated a private practice, working primarily with adolescents and their families. At Higher Ground Devin fills a variety of roles - in addition to working with clients - including billing, referrals/intakes, contracts, quality assurance and clinical supervision. Devin has extensive experience working with parents and families who find themselves needing to navigate "the system" - especially those who are DHS/CPS involvement and/or those who are facing criminal charges because of problematic behaviors. Devin draws from Cognitive-behavioral, Narrative and Family Systems theories of therapy. He is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Devin currently serves on the Sex Offense Treatment Board (SOTB) of Oregon.

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